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Increasing Real Estate Value With Uncompromising Integrity

Jansen Land Consulting provides development management services in the areas of land acquisition due diligence, land entitlement, land development, and bond release for both commercial and residential communities throughout the Washington metropolitan area. 
Jansen Land Consulting provides development management services in the areas of land acquisition due diligence, land entitlement, land development, and bond release for both commercial and residential communities throughout the Washington Metropolitan area.  


Land Acquisition -
Due Diligence

Thorough and extensive research of a property prior to purchase is crucial.  Success depends on it.  Jansen Land Consulting has extensive experience identifying the following:  

  • Allowable uses per zoning requirements

  • Adequacy of water, sewer and dry utilities

  • Handling of storm water management

  • Topography from an earthwork and marketing perspective

  • Relocation of existing utilities

  • Subsurface soils investigations

  • Environmental considerations

  • Preliminary costs and scheduling for development

Expert Witness

Jansen Land Consulting provides expert witness research and testimony regarding land entitlement and land development disputes.

Man working with blueprints for Jansen Land Consulting
Land Entitlement

Jansen Land Consulting works closely with the consulting design teams as well as the local jurisdictions to ensure the efficient and expeditious design and processing of plans. 

We believe strongly in:

  • Engaging the general contractor during this time to ensure the plans are designed cost effectively

  • Fostering a strong partnership between the design teams and reviewing jurisdictions.

Peer Review

In order to facilitate the transaction of real estate between a buyer and seller, we provide independent peer review services of the design and constructability of a 'ready to go' project. We work with the design team to explore any opportunities to value engineer the site design.   

Land Development Project Management

Jansen Land prices and contracts all plans just prior to approval.  Work can then commence shortly after obtaining all permits.  We work closely with the contractors throughout the development process.

Bond Release

We know the importance of tackling bond release early.  Jansen Land Consulting typically initiates this process at the final topping stage.  Our philosophy is to be proactive with the jurisdiction personnel (from office to field inspectors) in order to bring successful closer to a project without unnecessary delays.

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At Jansen Land Consulting, we pride ourselves on providing superior land entitlement and development consulting services with uncompromising integrity and character. Our services are primarily offered to developers, residential and commercial builders, municipalities, equity funds, financial institutions or individuals with real estate interests. With over 13 years in business, Jansen Land Consulting continues to grow relationships, partnerships and indelible markings developing communities across the greater Maryland and Virginia areas.



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Headquartered in Maryland, with land development experience across multiple counties in Maryland and Virginia, and in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area.

10701 Cloverbrooke Drive

Potomac, Maryland 20854

Talk with us: 301-806-7710
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